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Involvement of principal, staff and students is hortatory
I have delivered a lecture on 'Soyara Vrukshvallincha' on the occasion of workshop on 'Lekhak Aaplya Bhetila' for the 12th standard students. I have found team work in management, planning of this programme. Involvement of principal, staff and students is hortatory. Response form students are good. I have satisfied.
Avinash Halve, Lecturer
Guest Lecture
Active and cooperative staff.
The tablets of Alb-400 gm are distributed to students from 11th and 12th class and told us to eat in class. Principal and staff are very active and cooperative.
Dr. Shivaji Jadhav, Medical Officer
Appreciated to all students
I have delivered a lecture on Career Opportunities in Physics to B. Sc. (Physics) and M. Sc. (Physics) students. All students were happy and discussed with me on various questions. I have appreciated to all students who are interested to learn new innovative ideas. Principal and staff were presented at lecture.
Dr. Kulkarni Harishandra Ramchandra, Professor
Guest Lecture
Highly motivated team
A well organized a highly motivated team who are helpful and co-operative.
Major Kudachi, Nisa Security
Workshop on Novel Writing
Maharashtra Sahitya Sanskruti Mahamandal ,Aksharmanav and college organized workshop on Novel Writing. This is one of the colleges who organized workshop on this particular subject. Response from students was excellent. Students were interacting with us and discussed various issues related to novel writing. Thanks to Principal, staff and students.
Dr. Rangnath Pathare, Dr. Mahendra Kadam, Dr. Arun Gadre, Dr. Anil Sapkal, Professors
Resource Persons
Staff and students are highly motivated.
Visiting Indapur college is like visiting my college. This is my 4th visit. Staff and students are highly motivated as I could see lot of young minds interacting with me. I wish best of luck for all the activities of department of Chemistry and college.
Dr. Rajeev Chikale, Professor
Resource Person
Active participation of UG and PG students and Dynamic Principal
It was my first time to visit this college on the occasion of RTGC seminar. I was very happy and glad to see the hard working all time on toes teachers, active participation of UG and PG students in such programmes and able leadership of the young and dynamic Principal. I wish a bright future for the college in days to come.
Satish Pardeshi, Professor
Resource perosn
Sincerely working college
I visited the college and found it very sincerely working college. The Principal indeed is very academic leader of the college. The progress of this very good as compared to past. The faculty is encouraged to do better, to achieve something. I wish you a great success.
Dr. Neelam Patil, Member, Senate, Pune University.
Excellent campus
I came to visit this college for the first time on the occasion of 'The National Seminar on Green Chemistry'. I am very much happy to see the excellent campus. The college is very clean and neat. The staff members are very helpful and nice. I hope that this college will developed and become number one in the pune university. My Best Wishes.
Prof. Pankaj Koinkar, Professor
Chief Guest
Young, talented youth volunteers of college
I am indeed very happy to visit Arts, Science and Commerce College, Indapur on the occasion of NSS Programme. The young, talented youth volunteers of college always work as ambassadors of the college. The contribution of these volunteers under the able guidance of talented teachers and dynamic Principal will certainly contribute for the national development in general and society around in particular. With Best Wishes.
Dr. Pramod Pabrekar, State Liaison Officer and OSD, Dept. of Higher and Tech. Education, Govt. of Maharashtra
Resource Person
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