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Best college and staff i had ever seen
I like all the college staff and overall administration of college. This is one of the best colleges i had ever seen.
Anant Adsool, Software Engineer
Alumni of ASCI
This College Teacher is very good.
I am new comer in this college. All teachers are playing good job of teaching and teaching method is also strict and good. This college Provides very new courses to us. for extra activities. I like this college very much.
Miss. Thorat Sarika Satyawan, Education
Information Of I Collage Indapur
I'm Science Student (FYBSC) In These Collage. I Collage Is a Best Collage In The World In My Views.Becoz I'm Learning In These Collage.Teachers Staff Is a Best staff All Teachers are full Experienced. There Nature is So Beautiful and Pollution free. Many Award Got By My Collage bcoz All qualities are accepted in My Collage.
Kavitake Abhijeet Ajinath, Science Student
Well developed college in Rural Area
College is well developed and staff is hard working for development of each and every student. All courses are available for students from UG to Ph D.
Dr Shivaji Shamrao Veer, Incharge Science Faculty
Department of Microbiology
इंदापूर तालुका शिक्षण प्रसारक मंडळाचे कला विज्ञान वाणिज्य महाविद्यालय इंदापूर TYBSc Microbiology च्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी आज दिनांक 14/08/2018 रोजी नागपंचमीच्या सणाचे औचित्य साधून सुक्षाजीवशास्त्राच्या विविध जिवाणूंच्या आकृत्यांचे मेहंदीच्या रूपात विद्यार्थ्यांनी स्पर्धेत सहभागी घेतला व अतिशय सुबक आशा मेहंद्या काढल्या त्या वेळी सुक्षाजीवशास्त्र विभागाचे विभागप्रमुख प्रा सागर कदम सर त्याचबरीबर प्रा मोरे मॅडम, प्रा लटकर मॅडम आणि प्रा भोईटे मॅडम उपस्थितीत होत्या त्या वेळी मी सुद्धा सहभाग घेतला होता
Mahesh Ishwar Mohite, TYBSc Microbiology
“I believe that ‘I’ college is one of the best place in SPPU to be a teacher. I am proud to be a teacher in ‘i’ College because I College is committed to the success of every student.”
This College Develop Student Personality
Arts, Science and Commerce College is Very High Level Rural Area College. I have Student for this College. i college is best College in Maharashtra. College will be Develop Student Personality and Good Education.
Andy Andhare, Student
Our college is one of the best in pune university.I feel proud to work in i college.We have a cooperative staff.Our college organises many activities such as karke to dekho, indapur premier cricket league(IPL) , i College research execution, study tour etc.
Kavitake Vishal Manik, Assitant Professor
My college and my vision.
It is honour for me to be part of "I" college. This college helps me to develop my skills apart from teaching. College cultivates educational and professional zeal among the students.
Shaikh Firoj Nasruddin, Asst. Professor
College buildings are well furnished.
College buildings are well furnished, Staff is very friendly i have even seen some instruments & apparatus in physics. Lab are not working so we face problem while performing practicals. There is so noise outside classroom. so we cant able to concentrate in class. There is no strictness in College Campus
Veer Swapnil Shivaji, Student
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